How to throw a Frozen themed birthday party

In this post I’m bringing you some ideas on making your little girl’s Frozen party dreams come true! Themed parties don’t have to be expensive but do make for a festive and memorable event. Polka Dot Bakery can provide you with Frozen themed cupcakes and cookies for your party. Pair our baked goods with some of the simple ideas below and prepare to wow your guests!

Here are the 5 steps to having a fun Frozen event:

1) The Sweet Stuff

What’s the number one thing people expect to have at a birthday party? Cake of course! Polka Dot Bakery offers Frozen themed cupcakes or snowflake sugar cookies to complete your party. Snowflake cookies also make great party favors when packaged individually or you can order undecorated snowflake sugar cookies and have the kids decorate them for a fun party activity.



2) Fun Foods

Simple snack ideas include cubes of blue Jell-O as Kristoff’s Ice, rock candy on a stick, snowman snack mix (pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and candy orange slices cut into pieces), and Frozen punch (Sprite and blue Hawaiian punch).


3) Winterize Your Decorations

Get out those Christmas decorations! If you have a white Christmas tree, put it up! Use Christmas lights wrapped in tulle to decorate around doorways, as a backdrop or run it along your table. If you don’t have any snowflakes you can make your own out of paper just like you did as a kid. Cotton batting aka “snow” can be used as an accent and anything blue and white or glittery will work as well. You can pick up colored paper goods at your local dollar store to keep with the theme.

4) Fun and Games

I personally think that music is an important part of any event and really helps to set the mood. Yes, it’s a kid’s party but it really adds something extra. So get out the Advil, play the soundtrack to the movie and prepare to be serenaded by a dozen children singing “Let It Go”!

Another way to keep the children entertained is by playing games. Keep it simple with a game of Snowball Toss. Simply take a few plastic buckets, label them with different point values and stagger them at different distances. Roll up socks to use as “snowballs”, let each kid take a few tosses and have prizes for the ones who get the most points.

5) Favors

No party is complete without giving out favors to thank those who attended. Inexpensive ideas include a pair of blue and white mittens or a bag of Hershey’s Hugs with a tag like the one in the picture below.

With these ideas, your own creativity and a little help from Polka Dot Bakery, your child’s party will be one to remember!